The world’s twelve luxury sports shoes brand

In the field of sneakers, Nike and Adidas have always been the giants, no matter how popular and topical.

But when some luxury brands are also involved in the field of sneakers, to see which brands?


Four years ago, Gucci launched an embroidery revolution around the world. The most popular low-cut white Ace sneakers were produced in Italy.

The shoes are embroidered with the iconic bee logo introduced in the 1970s, and the red, green and gold Gucci color matching snakes.

Since then, this revolution has not slowed down, Gucci has been launching imitation shoes

New gucci sneakers for £670


Brand from Stockholm, Sweden, full name (Conversations & Quintessential Products)

All products are designed in Sweden and handcrafted in Portugal, 100% Italian suede uppers and tongues, as well as waxed laces.

It features a 100% calf liner and an arched support with multiple layers of cushioning.

The price of a single item is 350 euros

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato was founded in Sweden in 2014. It is a hot explosion in the ins, and it is launched every week.

Change the detail design on the basis of the classic style to bring fashion people a sense of freshness!

The design of the brand is inspired by the minimalist and anti-mainstream youth culture, and the design fully embodies the brand concept of not taking the usual path!


The famous Balenciaga family was founded in 1919 and settled in Paris in 1936. He led many important fashion movements between 1930 and 1968.

From socks shoes to old shoes, the design of this brand is not only expensive, but also affects the current trend of sneaker.

Nike, adidas, puma… are all followers of this trend.

The famous Triple S is priced at $850 and has to be bought at the risk of being hit.

Common Projects

Its two founders, Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, admit that their design inspiration comes from the explosion of Stan Smith.

Simply put, I want to design a shoe that can be worn to work and is casual shoes, but also has a high-quality texture.

Common Projects all shoes are Made in Italy, with a gold foil-style code on the heel.

The most famous series is between £250 and £290 depending on the color.


Grenson was born in the UK in 1866 to make a brand of Brock shoes.

Their family only produces three styles of “sports shoes” followed by numbers 1-3

1 is a tribute to the 70s tennis shoes, it has a simple outline, hand-made from calfskin, giving a luxurious feeling

3 is more in line with the brand’s traditional aesthetics, blended into the sneaker style with the broch technology commonly used in leather shoes.

Saint Laurent

This 1936 France luxury brand is more than a leather jacket and lipstick.

It produces the same avant-garde and decadent sneakers, and its court classic low-top sneakers are engraved with the brand on the grass.

These sneakers are made from canvas and are available in a variety of colors.

John Lobb

The world’s most powerful dress shoes brand, founded in 1849, the British palace footwear brand, is also the “custom king” in the top men’s shoes.

John Lobb sneakers are also made in a very fine, Italian hand-made, sewn cup-type sole structure for durability and portability

And can also provide customized services.


Founded in 1873, Church was taken over by Prada in the 1990s, giving it a fresher, more modern direction.

It’s contoured like a Derby shoe, featuring Nevada’s exquisite leather, just like the company’s style.

The symbol of the famous church is on the tongue of its luxurious sneakers, which shows that the style of the church changes with the times, while maintaining its roots.

Brunello Cucinelli

Mr. Runero Cusinieri, the founder of the Italian brand, called himself “a part of the merchant, part of the philosopher and monk”.

Although the brand’s vintage sneakers are known for their cashmere and exemplary cuts, their shoes are equally luxurious.

Hand-polished, made in Italy, 100% leather, each with complex details, priced between 6000-8000

Every time a pair of shoes is purchased, the brand donates 20% of the profits to charity.


AMI’s founder, Alexandre Matiussi, founded his own brand in Paris in 2011.

Worked at Marc Jacobs, Dior and Givenchy and has a good book for this new brand.

The most special sneaker for AMI is the Lucky 9s, a rubber running shoe with a leather insole with a vintage look from the 80s.


Born in France in 1895, it belongs to the LVMH group. The rubbing process in leather shoes has led to the new aesthetic of leather shoes all over the world.

Sports shoes are also modern masterpieces

Made from smooth calf leather uppers and Vanezia leather details, the memory foam insole and non-slip soles give the shoes a noble quality.

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