Leonard NB new shoes listed, exceeding the limit?

Leonard’s New Balance signature shoes are finally on the market.

However, this early sale is in the form of a limited edition set. There are two pairs of shoes in the set, one pair is the protagonist OMN1S, and the other pair is New Balance, which is specially designed for Leonard. The official claim that Leonard also participated in the design of this suit.

The price of the two pairs of shoes is 1099, the two pairs add up to 2198, really small.

Moreover, the global limit is 232 pairs, and the domestic limit is 38 pairs.

In terms of color matching, the color of these shoes is mainly black, gold and blue, which is enough to attract attention. New Balance’s big “N” Logo is also placed in the most eye-catching position of the shoe. Both pairs of shoes are equipped with a crystal bottom, and I don’t know if the New Balance’s crystal bottom is not sucking.

The sneaker midsole uses the FuelCell technology that New Balance studied in 12 years. The highlight of this technology is that although the foamed TPU is used like Boost, the material will be lighter after liquid nitrogen processing. We don’t know the weight of OMN1S, but it is really light enough for FuelCell’s performance on running shoes.

The shoes are quite characteristic in design. First of all, New Balance’s these two pairs of shoes use a relatively large area of ​​crocodile skin material, such operation is not a problem in the 997 with some retro charm. But on the OMN1S, which has a slightly futuristic design and a large area of ​​fabric material, it feels a bit leaping.

Another point is the color matching. In the color matching of the shoes, these two shoes use both blue and gold colors. At the same time, the shoes with these two colors are very rare in my impression. Because the blue with bright yellow is the same as the “red with green”, the two colors will be highlighted together. If used improperly, it will give the same feeling to the red green dog.

The personal view of this color scheme is that at first glance, it will be more eye-catching, and then the more you look at it, the more uncomfortable it will be.

Fortunately, after hearing these shoes, there will be 5 other different color combinations. If you really like Leonard’s friends, you can wait and see.

Finally, I talked about Leonard’s season. As of press time, Leonard and his Raptors have scored 2:2 with the 76ers. In the last game of the series, Leonard scored 39 points. The team won.

The old club Spurs, after the last stop with the Nuggets, hated defeat. As an old thorn honey, my heart is very complicated.

First of all, Leonard’s previous contract with the contract said that he wanted to go to the Lakers is a kind of injury. And since then, the NBA first-line big-name star business reputation diving across the board, crazy ahead of schedule to arrange the next home, the superstars hold the big market team, the small ball market team is bleak. In the Spurs’ own culture to cultivate mature children, he is the first to talk about not wanting to talk about jumping away.

However, I am also very grateful to Leonard, as the first round of 15 rookies, became the team’s most trusted offensive and defensive stopper in the finals of the finals. Conscience, there is not much chance of winning the Spurs without his Spurs in the season.

I don’t know, in business, Leonard’s operation is a success or a failure. After all, the northern tax is much higher than that of Texas.

But I know that Leonard seems to be a little further away from “great” after making this choice.

In fact, this is also the reason for the choice of brand agents: Jordan Brand’s operation and technical strength and voice in basketball shoes are completely incomparable to New Balance. In addition to getting more cash, giving up Jordan to pursue a big contract may lose some important potential resources.

For example, the former teammate of the Spurs, White Manba Matt Bonner, was once the spokesperson for the New Balance basketball product line, and launched a special interaction after Leonard’s signature shoes:

My previous New Balance, quite comfortable.

In fact, I also believe that Bonner’s operation is comfortable, because when he endorsed New Balance, he averaged a score of 6-7 points per game. There is no penny star. If you don’t wear New Balance, you may have to be yourself. Buy shoes to wear.

Leonard is not the same as Bonner.

He has a talent that is visible to the naked eye and is a man who may become a king!

Looking back at Leonard’s stiff smile when he was wearing a sneaker, I can only say: I hope he can get better.

But if he does not choose this runway,

Maybe he will be closer to greatness.