Every summer, everyone will think of small white shoes, whether it is Oxford shoes, sports shoes, have become hot sales, but your little white shoes already have a whole cabinet?
And for me, although the white shoes are really versatile, as a girl who is constantly struggling in the trend circle, I still have to try other styles!

This year, if you buy shoes again, you may wish to try these colors. Maybe you will find that these colors are so durable and durable!

Milk tea color

Before the autumn and winter popular milk tea color solid color everyone remembers, yes, this year, in fact, in the shoes are also very popular milk tea color!

Nike Air Max 1

This one has always been popular with girls, very classic and simple style. This year’s new “Jewel Swoosh” design is presented in a three-dimensional transparent form, and it adds a bright and colorful snowflake sequin, which looks light and elegant. It also brought some vitality and was very energetic.

And this one is just the color of milk tea, adding a fresh feeling, with jeans or long skirts are very beautiful.

Nike Air Max 95

This one is also one of the must-have shoes in the shoe cabinet. It is a good match. It is also very beautiful when you take a photo. This milk tea color gradient design consists of several earth tones.

In addition to the pink and white tone, there is also a contrast of mint green.

Madewell x Vans Old Skool

In recent years, everyone is really wearing vans, because it is very versatile, and the price is very reasonable. And here is the joint name of vans and madewell.

A pair of super beautiful milk coffee color, classic lines with warm colors, whether it is skirt or pants can be very good control.

Converse 1970

Every girl is indispensable for canvas shoes, and when it comes to canvas shoes, it must be thought of as Converse. After all, it is a classic in the classic.
If you already have a black and white Converse, then in fact, this year should have a pair of tea-colored Converse.

EXCELSIOR biscuit shoes

These shoes are very very hot in Korea and are the first choice for lovers shoes. The design of the sole is particularly cute, and the special shoe design such as suede and corduroy makes this pair of shoes popular.
Many couples are the same style from head to toe, wearing a pair of biscuit shoes, whether it is a boy or a girl is super fan.
More importantly, this pair of shoes is not limited to style, Japanese or Korean.

Rice gray

This year, quietly popular rice gray, like the IU such a small white shoes control, recently saw her put on gray gray shoes.

FILA boveasorus99

Many people think that his old sneakers are round and thick, and they look too cumbersome, and the shoes will become longer and therefore look lighter.
Whether it is a beige style or a white style, all of them are designed with gray color blocks, so the gray is indeed the mainstream of this year, which also makes the shoes themselves more refreshing.


This shoe is almost a must-have for the hipsters. It is a pair of classic replica shoes, and the previous one also wore this double shot.
2019 buy sports shoes, these three colors will definitely fire!
The shoes are beige, but there is a red-green contrast design at the insole. Although the area is not large, but it is also very eye-catching, these shoes are available in both men and women.

New Balance Women Luxe Collection

New balance is also a very hot brand in Korea, the spokesperson is IU. The New 247, which has been launched in recent times, is not only very elegant, but also suitable for girls, and it is also available in beige and nude pink.
Another pair of X90, this is the style of the old shoes, but the color is used to design the girl who looks very suitable for personality.

Adidas Originals Falcon

The overall shoe design of this shoe is designed with retro low-light tones. In addition to the pink color that girls love, this year’s very popular combination of white and beige is more versatile.

Vans Old Skool

Vans is very much liked by many college students. This time, the gray suede is spliced on the whole body and the heel at the heel and heel, which makes the whole look more layered and changed.
What’s especially special is that this time he added red and blue, as an embellishment at the heel, it looks simple and eye-catching.

Nike Ashin Modern Run

These shoes are the most popular minimalist running shoes in Nike’s shoes, especially for girls who like sports.
Sweet pink with popular beige, the color is simple and low-key, in addition to sports, it is also suitable for everyday wear.

Reebok Rapide

This pair of shoes undoubtedly returned to the retro sense of the 90s, the whole pair of shoes made a low-light design in the color matching.
There are two colors, burgundy and royal blue, as well as navy and bright red, but the base color is still gray. Two color combinations can also be used as a couple’s shoes.


Another color popular in shoes this year is pink, which can be seen from the various pink limited shoes launched by major brands.

Adidas UltraBOOST 19 Bat Orchid

Adi’s shoes are intertwined with black and bright pink, which is simple and atmospheric. The red line design at the heel also makes the whole pair of shoes look more careful.
At the same time, his family also launched a men’s model, which is very low-key and chic. Compared with the feminine style of the women’s models, the men’s models are more sunny.

PUMA Cali Nubuck

PUMA’s pink platform shoes are designed with a mosaic of color blocks to show the retro taste.
The upper is made of frosted leather to create a micro-skin visual effect, with a mesh design, so that fashion people are buying.


Nike’s pink shoes really have to be mentioned, because many of my friends around me have already started.
These shoes are made of comfortable and soft flannel, the soles are very light, and the laces are thick and retro.
In addition to the pink and navy blue color scheme, the Morandi light gray system is also popular this year, so don’t miss it.


This pair is a joint collaboration between Pump Fury and MCDULL, and is limited to the Year of the Pig. There is a playful McDull tag on the upper and a McDull head on the inflatable button of the shoe.
In addition to the pink choice, this one has a black style. Two pairs of shoes are also very naughty when used as a couple’s shoes.

OnitsukaTiger CNY

In order to welcome the New Year, his family also introduced the Pink Year of the Pig, which is available in adult and children.
The pink body is paired with gold-colored blocks, with a totem of the Year of the Pig and a Chinese-inspired print on the insole.
The adult model is based on the behavior of its GSM classic tennis shoes, and the insole is very comfortable whether it is adult or children’s, which is very suitable for the next spring tour!

OPP France Designer Shoes

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